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Vermut Biermu Blanco NV Prada a Tope

Vermut Biermu Blanco NV Prada a Tope

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Fresh dry flavored wine

Grape: 50% Godello, 50% Chardonnay

Region: Spain> Bierzo

Notes: 1000ml



Delicious Vermouth

Vermouth is a liqueur made by steeping various herbs in wine, and is commonly called "Biermú" in Spain. It has a long history in Spain, where it was originally produced in various regions and was traditionally enjoyed for medicinal purposes, but now a new vermouth boom has started in Spain, especially in Barcelona. The characteristic of this vermouth is that it is moderately bitter and sweet, and has a wine-like freshness.

Enjoy it before or during a meal with lemon. The taste is fruity, with a variety of flavors such as cinnamon, orange, fennel, and absinthe. It is delicious straight up like wine, or with ice.

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