Tokyo Store

The Winery Tokyo opened its doors in 2015 in Azabujuban, a residential district known for its embassies and international communities. 

The Tokyo store is based on the same store concept as the main store in New York. The store carries a meticulous selection of artisanal wines of some 300 wines from all over the world. 

Our evaluation process also ensures that each wine not only tastes great, but has the right price, regardless of the producer’s or appellation’s reputation.

A two-story classic Japanese house, finished entirely in black, the store was designed to inspire a traditional storage house of sake brewery. 

The Winery Tokyo offers store-only special discounts. The store also accepts Rakuten cards and Rakuten Points for payments in addition to major credit cards. See below for the list of store-only services. 

The Winery Tokyo is English-Japanese bilingual. For each wine displayed on our shelves, you will find a description card in both Japanese and English. In the web store, language selection is available with a click of button at the top of page. 

The Winery is a community base store. We love to help to make the community better place to live and work. The Winery has committed to support local communities and non-profit charity organizations in the area of education and arts.

Should you have any questions, our knowledgeable bilingual staff are standing by to help you. 


The Winery Points*

・Get 1 point for every 100 yen spent. Each point is worth 1 yen.
・No annoying point card.
・We keep your purchase history for you. Very convenient for re-order wines.

* Point can be used for store purchases only. No cash value.

Volume Discounts

5% off for orders ¥30,000 or more.
10% off for orders ¥50,000 or more. 

VIP Rewards Program

Customers who purchased ¥120,000 or more during the 12 months prior to the anniversary date, August 17th, will be automatically upgraded to VIP members on the anniversary day. The members will enjoy a 10% discount on any purchase for the next 12 month.*

*Combined pre-tax total purchase amount from the web store and the Tokyo store. VIP discount applicable to only store purchases, excluding online purchases, wine bundles, gift cards, and certain special items. Please ask staff for details. 

Wine Tastings

Enjoy wine tastings on every weekend to sample our carefully curated wine selection. Free with any wine purchase.

Click here for our tasting schedule.

Gift Wrapping

Gift boxes are available for purchase. We will pack your wine beautifully in them, for free, with wrapping tissues and satin ribbons. Gift wrapping for individual bottle is also available for free.


 The Winery Tokyo

  2-4-14 Azabu-Jūban, Minato-ku, Tokyo  106-0045

  Store Hours: 12 pm to 9 pm

  Open 7 days

  TEL: 03-6809-4420